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Why choose a Featured Link?

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There are a lot of bonuses that make a Featured Link worth your money, let me enumerate a few.

1. You can submit any page of your site. With normal submission if you submit anything except the main page it is deleted without any review. If you choose featured however you can submit any page of your site and it will be approved.

2. To keep our pages at a high relevance, we only allow 12 normal links on each page and a maximum of 10 featured link in any given category. The featured links are first come first served, meaning that if you take a featured link in a category and you are the first one that takes it, you will forever keep that place, even if you have Page Rank 0. Instead, free links are ordered by Page Rank , so if your page rank is low you will probably be on the last pages of the category you submitted to.

3. Featured links are placed first in their category, thus insuring that they receive most of the traffic and PR strength.

4. Another great thing about featured links is that they are generally approved within 48 hours after they have been submitted, instead free links can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months.

We are confident that now, you understand better what a featured link is and you have all the information you need to make a competent decision.

To your success,
The Pegasus Directory Team.

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