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Keyword research is the most important part of a marketing campaign or a search engine ranking strategy. Choosing keywords that are too competitive will mean that you'd have to make an effort in order to rank and also spend a lot of money in the process. But choosing the right keywords would mean benefiting of the low hanging fruit, taking advantage of the smart way of bringing in traffic to your money website.
Keyword research is a rather complicated process in itself an requires not only countless hours of research but also experience in using complicated professional keyword research software that gathers all of the parameters and calculates the difficulty of each individual keyword.
Thing about it for a second - true keyword research mastery means generating lists of hundreds (and even thousands) of keyword versions and phrases to go through and cherry pick the right ones. It's hard work, and it's also the most important work because it lays at the foundation of your ranking strategy. Choosing the wrong keywords may mean disaster and may render all of your following marketing efforts useless.

Our keyword research service is 100% human made,done by SEO professionals that will take care of all your specific site's needs.

We offer several packages:

Basic Plan

- you get a list of the best 200 Keywords
- 64$ for the plan -15% = 54.5$ PROMOTION

Pro Plan

- you get a list of the best400 keywords
- $120 for the plan -15% = $102 PROMOTION

The following apply to all Plans:

If you want to rank 1st page on Google, you will need the BEST low competition - high traffic profitable keywords for your niche.
This is the 1st and most important step for SEO. If you don't invest in proper research, all the work afterwards, onpage or offpage SEO will be useless and a big waste of time and $$$.

1. We will only need your URL (or niche) and targeted country (or location)
2. We will make a thorough keyword search to find the best kws for your niche and location.
3. The results will be manually evaluated so that you only receive the keywords that fit your website and can be used for ranking

For each key word YOU GET:
1. Traffic
2. CPCs
3. PPC competition
4. SEO Competition
5. Ranking Difficulty (How EASY you can rank 1st page)

- After the research is done you will get a All in 1 Easy-to-Understand list (xls)

- Job will be completed within a week, unless you specify something else

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- 5% discount for 3 orders for
- 10% discount for more than 5 orders

A few testimonials from our satisfied cutomers:

"Keyword research is no joke. Without knowing the right keywords to target in your campaigns everything fall apart. I'm 100% satisfied with the work done by the Pegasus Team. I now have a list of 400 keywords that I use in all of my campaigns, starting with content marketing and strategy. "
Tim Daniels,

"Very good service, I now know what to go after. Highly recommended!"
Paul Martin,

"As a top UK marketing company we provide SEO services to our clients. We have used the services of The Pegasus Directory for several years now and always are impressed by the speed of service -plus the major factor of course is the increased rankings to websites achieved."
Jenkinson & Associates Ltd,

"Im currently using it, and it`s the BEST ONE i have ever used, no tricks!
These guys do a really great job and truely find the best keywords.

--* Good Service
--* Great Support

"Extremly good, and fast!They sent me a update on how their were doing! Will use again.
I give it a A+++!
Fast / Great Service! "
Steve Clark.

"I really enjoyed working with Pegasus directory. Great work and always fast reply if I had an answer. Amazingly cheap"
Frit Lejde.


To your Online Success,
Pegasus Directory Team.

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