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What are Google Maps Citations?
These are the citations which are created when various Google Users save your business details. It works like underlining a line in a page. We underline the important thing. Similarly Google consider that your Business is important that's why people are saving it. Hence you get CITATION!

What is included?

- Increase Social Buzz in Local Area
- NAP from Gooogle Maps
- Best for Local and Maps rankings

To get ranked in Google Maps there are few things which are essential. This is service covers them!
We offer several packages:

Basic Plan

- 155 Google Maps Citations
- 50$ for the plan -20% = 40$ PROMOTION

Pro Plan

- 300 Google Maps Citations | 30 Directory Submissions | 30 Bookmarks with NAP
- $120 for the plan -20% = $96 PROMOTION


1. What do you mean by Local IP used?
When we do all the work, we will use your areas local IP. This makes all work natural. For example, if you business is in Ney York, then it's better if all work is done from New York location. So, Local IPs are used for ALL Plans!
2. What is Bookmarking with NAP?
Bookmarks is the best way for SEO and traffic. So, we will submit your site to various bookmarking site and use your Business NAP in it's description. It helps to get good backlinks + Citations! As per my experience, it's very good!

- Job will be completed within a week, unless you specify something else

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A few testimonials from our satisfied cutomers:

"I employed this strategy form my business and it worked. It helped increase my traffic by 30% in just one month."
Sarah Gold,

"Highly recommended!"

"I thought google maps citations were a fad. I was wrong. This is a great strategy and it will increase your local traffic by a big margin. Order and you'll not be disappointed. "
Dan Lee,

"Yup - Everything was spot on. Thank you guys!"

"Amazing work- thank you."
Tim Ferries,