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Directories have become more and more popular, as they are a good source of pagerank and traffic. Good manual directory submission is hard to find these days, but we offer the best there is. We know that the process of directory submission is time consuming and getting boring, so we have gathered the best people to do this job for you.

What we are offering is quality, we will make sure that your site is submitted into the best category for both traffic and Page Rank. We are responsive to your questions and help you all the way to getting high quality backlinks for your site.

Our manual directory submission service is 100% human made,done by SEO professionals that will take care of all your specific site's needs. Your site will be submitted under your given categories and following all your given criterias. Take the next step towards site promotion and order a manual directory submission package now and receive the following BONUS packages:

- Keyword Density Report made by our SEO experts specifically for your site.
- Search Engine Spider Report courtesy of our SEO experts.
- Top 10 Inbound Link Report a report that already costs 46$ on the SEO market, again as a bonus from our SEO experts.

The above only apply for Starter Plan and above, the Basic Plan is just to test us out.

Also all packages will receive a BONUS 100 search engines submissions ( again, this only applied to Started plan and above).

Sample directory list here: English Directory List

We offer several packages:

Basic Plan

- you get submitted to 50 directories
- the cost is 0.35$/dir -15% = 0.297$/dir
- 17$ for the plan -15% = 14$ PROMOTION
* no bonus packages for this plan

Starter Plan

- you get submitted to 100 directories
- the cost is 0.34$/dir -15% = 0.290$/dir
- 34$ for the plan -15% = 29$ PROMOTION

Good Plan

- you get submitted to 150 directories
- the cost is 0.33$/dir -15% = 0.276$/dir
- 49$ for the plan -15% = 41.5$ PROMOTION

Better Plan

- you get submitted to 200 directories
- the cost is 0.32$/dir -15% = 0.272$/dir
- 64$ for the plan -15% = 54.5$ PROMOTION

Pro Plan

- you get submitted to 300 directories
- the cost is 0.31$/dir -15% = 0.263$/dir
- 93$ for the plan -15% = 79$ PROMOTION

Rookie Plan

- you get submitted to 400 directories
- the cost is 0.30$/dir -15% = 0.255$/dir
- 120$ for the plan -15% = 102$ PROMOTION

NEW: for even more links to your site try our new French directories submission service!
NEW: for even more links to your site try our new German directories submission service!

The following apply to all Plans:

- BONUS 100 search engine submission to help you get started ( Basic Plan excepted )

- The directories are PR0 to PR6 50% are above PR1.

- We do not guarantee approval and inclusion depends on the quality of your website.

- You provide us with your details and email and you will receive a full report after the submission is over.

- Job will be completed within a week, unless you specify something else

- You can specify up to 5 Anchor Texts, 5 Descriptions and 5 keyword strings

- If you have any additional questions or want to order any of the plans Contact us and specify the type of the Plan you chose.

- For higher Plans we offer the choice of submission over several days, so that the link building proccess looks natural.

- Except for the Professional Plan, directories being submitted will be chosen randomly by the submiter.

- Sample directory list here: English Directory List.

- After payment is made we will contact you for your site details like: title, url, description,keywords and the rest.

ORDER NOW and get these 3 BONUS reports from our SEO experts: Keyword Density Report , Search Engine Spider Report , Top 10 Inbound Link Report .

Get a discount NOW for bulk orders!!!
- 5% discount for 3 orders for Rookie Plan or higher
- 10% discount for more than 5 orders for Rookie Plan or higher

A few testimonials from our satisfied cutomers:

"We are very satisfied with the immediate attention given our project. Although it was anticipated that the submission process to over 250 directories would take 2 weeks, in fact it was completed in less than a week. We are giving them our next project as I write this."
Scott Moger,

"Very good service, i already got accepted into many directories, and got a lot of sumission emails.Highly recommended!"
Paul Martin,

"As a top UK marketing company we provide SEO services to our clients. We have used the services of The Pegasus Directory for several years now and always are impressed by the speed of service -plus the major factor of course is the increased rankings to websites achieved."
Jenkinson & Associates Ltd,

"I was looking for a directory submission service because i was getting bored of submitting my sites to directories. Found this one and am totally satisfied.It really helped me a lot and i strongly feel it was well worth the money. Will use them again."
Steve Black,

"Im currently useing it, and it`s the BEST ONE i have ever used, no tricks!
Have bouth MANUAL submittions before and got like a TON of emails the submittion and other emails from directorys allmost at the same time!
These guys do really submit them manualy (i think) cause each day (2nd day) now im getting emails evenly from directorys where my site has been submited.

--* Good Service
--* Great Support
--* Hoppefully good directoryies to = GOOD PR BACK TO MY SITE! "

"I bouth their service last night, they are extremly good, and fast!They sent me a update on how their were doing = 108 websites so far!And what i managed to do is to give them a wrong email adresse meaning those submittions who needs and CONFIRMITION wont be accepted!But these guys offerd to resubmitt or if resumittion is not possible = They would login, change the email and resubmit then!
I give it a A+++!
Fast / Great Service! "
Steve Clark.

"I really enjoyed working with Pegasus directory. Great work and always fast reply if I had an answer. Amazingly cheap"
Frit Lejde.

Last but not least, a testimonial we received by email after doing a 750 submission for a customer, this one i really enjoyed.
"Thanks for your email and I must congratulate you on the wonderful effort you have made.
Your service is one of a kind and it is indeed quite an excellent unique service. You deserve all the success you can get for your honesty and well done work of skills in the way you submitted my website. In other words your unique service is second to none and has no equal. It is something new to me, much better than what I have come across before.

I am deeply gratified by the way carried out your promise and will be recommending your unique service to my friends and colleagues who own websites. Keep up the good work.

Once again my friend. I Thank you.

To your Online Success,
Pegasus Directory Team.

NEW: try our new French directories submission service or our new German directories submission service or our new Guaranteed directories submission service!

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