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Title:Lightscrapes - Photographs of the joy of vision
Description:The Lightscrapes project is dedicated to photographs of the joy of vision, the joy of discovery, and the joy of being alive. Lightscrapes focuses on publishing aesthetically beautiful photographs that are also intellectually intriguing images. We will be presenting more than a collection of pretty landscapes, lovely sunsets, stunning portraits, or sumptuous still lifes. This may be an unusual or archaic position, but what had traditionally been considered "the beautiful" in art was the combination of the visual as well as the intellectually intriguing. Photographers, who approach the medium as an artistic pursuit, endeavor to capture the beauty of this world as a collection of individual moments. Each picture, be it dramatic landscape, tranquil seascape, symbolic still life, or complex urban scene, is a unique instance in time that will not occur again. Not only are these pictures singular, and need to be considered on their own as works of art, but are indications of the photographer's understanding and viewpoint about the world. A collection of photographs expresses an aspiration to achieve a greater understanding of the significance of the objects in front of the lens than is possible through an individual image. Through a collection the photographer can explore a beauty and perception beyond the single picture., will be featuring showcases of individual photographers. These showcases will include insights into the thinking and work methods that drove the creation of a group of pictures. The artist will review their thought processes concerning a photo project as a whole and provide notes on individual images as well. Greater enjoyment and a deeper understanding will be presented to the viewer through these insights and discussions.
Category:Arts: Photography
Link Owner:Alvin Lewis
Date Added:March 31, 2016 10:17:45 PM
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