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What makes a good web directory

Date Added: February 12, 2008 01:32:45 PM

    When you look at directory submission earlier and recently there have been a lot of paid or bid directories popping up in the market. The whole idea of the exercise is to create more back links to your website or blog thus choosing strong web directories which will be around for some time is important.

    Your site library is one such directory but it differs from other directories in a large number of ways. You are allowed to submit links in any language, and the website has the Google translate facility, which makes it accessible to more people around the world.

    Secondly it sorts its links by the number of outbound hits from the directory rather than pagerank. Why is this a good thing ?, well there are several good reasons. Firstly it gives the vote back to the directory users, yes the directory has users, so that new good sites appear at the top rather than old sites that a high pagerank. In other words it stops the big sites getting all the top listings. So if your trying to promote a brand new site that is better. If you think about it further you will realise that directories that sort by highest pagerank  are doing nothing for new sites and starter sites, but merely giving an advantage to websites that are well known anyway.

    An important feature to note is the thumb shots, which help you decide weather to look at a website or not. This helps those who struggle to read the text by giving a visual indication of the websites content, which makes the information better for the directory users.

    Your site library is actually three directories in one, a link directory (free with reciprocal), an article directory (free), and a  news rss feed directory (free).

    The directory has now incorporated google maps, if you fill in your address you should get a map of your business location, to help your customer locate you. This should be easy anyway as the directory is sorted by location.
So if your looking for a good directory please consider the world web directory