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What's a Birdhouse?

Date Added: April 26, 2010 01:15:13 PM
BIRDHOUSE??? A birdhouse is an artificial nest for birds, which is why it is sometimes called a nest box. It is a man-made box that offers birds to nest in. These are often used for wild and domesticated birds. These are usually wooden but there is a woodcrete too. It is a nest made from the mixture of wood and concrete materials. Metal can be also used as a material in making a birdhouse but these are suitable for indoors because they can overheat easily in under the sun. There are even birdhouses made from gourds. Just remember that each specific bird class prefers its specific type of birdhouse. They also have particular preferences regarding the locations of their birdhouses. For instance, Purple martins are contented hanging out in a gourd birdhouse. Wrens are usually attracted to small, enclosed houses near shrubs. Bluebirds enjoy larger, single-unit birdhouses in more open areas of the landscape. In garden most birdhouse should be free of paint and glitz. Some birds may still make a surprise visit even in the fanciest of decorative birdhouses. However, they prefer something plain and obscure. The best types of birdhouses offer birds sanctuary, a relaxing place to feed and raise their babies free from predators. There are also types of birdhouses that have baffles. This can help minimize the entry of any lurking predators. It is also preferable that birdhouses are placed on poles. Birdhouse should also provide good drainage and ventilation so that the birds can breathe nicely. Did you know that birds are prone in getting heat? That is why it is also important to consider that metal birdhouses should be used with caution and should be located in shade when used, especially in the heat of summer. But during winter it gets cold easily so it should be relocated in a warm place. Other aspect to reconsider is maintaining a clean birdhouse regardless of the many available types and style of birdhouses. It should be cleaned thoroughly every year when the bird occupants have moved out for awhile. You can use bleach and water in disinfecting the birdhouses and this can minimize bird diseases. It should be noted also that wasps or bees may build up their nests inside a birdhouse. All nesting materials should be removed beforehand and disposed. So delightful bird lovers should be alert in cleaning the birdhouse