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The Effects of Acne on Teenagers

Date Added: October 27, 2009 01:45:29 AM

     Acne affects teenagers in several ways. People often think that if a teenager's acne is out of control, the acne is a result of poor grooming. Sometimes that is true, but it is not always the case. Acne is not healthy but it does not have to be a teenager's worst nightmare. The worst affect of all is how acne affects a teenager's self esteem.

     Acne problems are sometimes a sign of poor grooming. Some teenagers do get lazy when it comes to personal grooming. Teenagers have many new things they need to add to their grooming routines. They are suddenly dealing with body odor, facial hair, body hair, greasy hair, raging hormones, and last but not least, acne. It is easy to see why some teens would take the attitude of "I just don't care" or perhaps think there is just too much to do to treat the acne. They do not realize they could take some simple tips to diminish the acne. First and foremost, keeping their skin clean is essential. The morning shower needs to include cleaning ones face with a special cleanser. Follow that up with a spot treatment, benzoyl peroxide, on the trouble spots. A few times a day, a quick cleanse with disposable cleansing pads is helpful. Their evening routine should include a thorough cleansing and a more thorough application of benzoyl peroxide. Finally, yet importantly, parents need to emphasize to their teens that picking and scratching their zits will result in scars. Keeping hands clean is helpful as there will always be moments of forgetfulness, and those fingers will touch the face!

The Medical Option for Teenage Acne

     If a teenager is following all the basic care tips, and still has an issue with keeping acne under control, a visit to the dermatologist might be necessary. Dermatologists can recommend treatments that are not available over the counter. Long-term effects from acne include scarring and low self-esteem. Scarring can make a teenager want to feel invisible so preventing the scars can keep this from becoming an issue. Teenagers will often not want to be seen if they have issues with acne. They are afraid every one is looking at their face. Even though adults know that this is not the case, try being the parent of the teenager that wants to cancel their Friday night date because they have a zit on their forehead!

The Over The Counter Option for Teenage Acne

     There are a number of over the counter acne products that can help teens fight even the most severe cases of acne. Well know products such as Proactiv, ClearPores and Healthy Pores are all great options in the fight for clearer skin.