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Date Added: May 02, 2018 10:03:54 PM
Influencer marketing continues to take the social media world by storm. From beauty brand influencers to fitness influencers, there are so many options for people wanting to join in on this vast network of possibilities. If you have something you are passionate about, getting started as a social media influencer is a great way to build up a unique, organic following.

As you get busy with sharing your content, it may be tempting to take a break on weekends and holidays as you would with any other job. But this mindset could have a negative impact on your following.

The benefits that come with working a bit of social media overtime have been proven to boost engagement, increase followers, and build influence. Using Instagram as your main tool opens you up to a world of more than 800 million potential fans. Even taking just a couple of days off for the weekend could close the door of opportunity to reach millions of these users. As you prepare for your weekend or holiday posts, let's look at seven influential ways you can use social media on these days.

1. Know the Peak Engagement Times

It is a statistical fact that less people view their social media feeds on the weekends than during the week. That doesn't mean you should just take a break for those two days and start back up again on Monday. While there may be less people online, there are still multiple benefits to posting over the weekend.

Posting on Saturdays and Sundays can help you move up social media algorithm rankings. Many businesses and influencers take weekends off leaving extra space for others to claim their spot on potential customer news feeds. It is still important to know the most engaging times to post on those days.

For example, Instagram has higher levels of usage from 8am – 2pm on Saturdays, with peak engagement coming around 11am. Facebook, on the other hand, has its highest level of engagement between 10am – 11am on Saturdays.

Keeping track of these ever-changing statistics will be a key factor in knowing when to share your content on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. Collaborate with Other Brands

When you think of an Aston Martin sports car, do you picture James Bond in the driver seat? What about when you think of Red Bull? Does it bring to mind images of people using GoPro cameras to film themselves doing Motocross stunts or jumping out of 24-mile high space pods?Although these brands have nothing in common as products, they have each marketed themselves as action-packed lifestyle brands. This allows them to co-brand their products and collaborate on their social media promotions.

Some of the greatest examples of brand collaboration are popular subscription boxes like Birchbox, Stitch Fix, and Menlo Club. These companies work with numerous unique brands to be featured in their monthly boxes.

These collaborations can provide the added benefit of being posted to both your social media outlets, as well as the other brand’s accounts. The added exposure can mean more followers, likes, comments, and additional shares.

3. Build Anticipation

On weekends, people spend much of their time dreading one thing: Monday. Giving them something to look forward to that day will motivate more views on your social media posts. Let's look at a few ways to build anticipation.

Countdown to a New Product

The social world is always excited by new things. If you are planning to launch a new product soon, then start a social media countdown campaign. To boost additional engagement, try offering a free product or coupon to one lucky customer that shares your post.You can even keep the product a secret to build extra suspense in your customers. This type of content has the potential to gain traction when shared over the weekend or during the holidays.

Promote an Upcoming Event

If you have a local event coming up, then make sure to share about it on all of your social media profiles. Build anticipation by promoting event details and offer early bird discounts or deals to those who buy tickets beforehand.

Offer Exclusive Discounts

Reward your followers for being part of your online community. Share an exclusive post on one of your social media accounts offering a discount to use in your online store or to show the cashier if you own a business location.

Celebrate Your Followers and Customers

People love to be recognized and feel like they matter. Celebrate your relationship with a special promotion either on their birthday or the anniversary of their first purchase from your site. Whether it's a simple email to thank them or a discount coupon, they will be touched by the notion and look forward to the same thing the next year.

4. Go Live!

While many other businesses or influencer brands are likely taking the weekend off, you could be fully engaged and enjoying the weekend with your fans. By taking some time away from your weekend or holiday break to share a live video, you are humanizing your business or social profile.

Most people know brands by their logo, but know nothing about the people behind it. If you're enjoying some time at the pool, then share a quick poolside selfie video. Let them see a glimpse of your personality to make your social presence more relatable.

You could also offer to do a Q&A session with them. Answer questions about how you got started or how you decided to go into your specific niche. It's a good chance for people to get to know more about you or your business that may not be on your website's “About” page.

Add a personal touch during the holidays with a sneak peek of how you are celebrating that year. Your followers will appreciate the chance to get to know you better.

5. Share Fun, Engaging Content

People typically don’t want to be sold to, but even more so on weekends. Use this time to share more candid content that will promote more comments and shares. You have all week to promote your business and tell them about your products.Find things to share relating to your business or niche that will get people talking. Here are a few examples of engaging weekend or holiday content.


Odds are that if something exists in this world, there is a meme about it. If you can't find one that relates to your niche, then make one. Find a funny way to promote the need for your product with a funny picture and caption.

Inspirational Quotes

Popular quotes are one of the most common ways to find inspiration online. If you are feeling particularly deep one weekend, feel free to share a quote by one of your favorite entrepreneurs, brand influencers, or other role models.

Fun Facts

People love to learn new things. Whether you share a fun fact about your business or something that has nothing to do with your page, it's a good way to boost engagement on your social media sites.


These short repeating videos only take a few seconds to get people laughing or involved in a conversation. A GIF can be shared as its own post or used as a response to a person’s comment. Either way they are a great way to engage with your followers.


Did you hear a great joke that you just have to share? Why not let your fans in on the fun? Just make sure it is clean and can't be construed as offensive.

Funny Videos

YouTube gets over 30 million visitors every day. By looking at these numbers, it's obvious that people love to watch videos online. If you ever find an entertaining video, feel free to share it on your own social media channels. Or you could always make your own funny videos and post those as well.

Behind the Scenes Look

Do you have a fun office or unique workspace? Why not share a few photos and videos showing people where you work or where you spend most of your time? Give them a little taste of your day-to-day life. Let them join in as part of your social media family.

6. Feature Holiday Symbols

Santa Claus is to Christmas as the Easter Bunny is to Easter. Every holiday has at least one symbol that is a representation of that day or time of year. Finding ways to utilize those symbols in your social media marketing is a key way to attract attention.

It is likely that most of your fans and followers celebrate these holidays, so incorporating them into social media posts is a surefire way to boost engagement. Dig deep into your creative side and come up with some clever ideas.

You could get a cartoonist to draw a picture of you as a leprechaun and share it on St. Patrick's Day. You could also feature your Halloween costume each year and talk about where you got your inspiration for the idea.

7. Run a Poll or Contest

One of the best ways to use social media on holidays and weekends is to host an Instagram contest. Social media contests can provide a great opportunity to collaborate with other companies and influencers. You can coordinate multiple prizes and require that your fans follow both you and the others involved on social media to qualify.

To get it started, pick a good prize that people are willing to compete over. Then, announce the rules and requirements to enter, as well as any hashtags involved. These hashtags should be simple, but exclusive to the contest.

Running a social media poll is another great way to determine how your business is doing. You can ask pointed questions with definitive answers or offer followers the chance to provide their own responses. This can go hand in hand with contests as you could offer a prize to one lucky participant.

Other Ways to Use Social Media on Your Weekends and Holidays

If you ever find that your upcoming weekend is going to keep you too busy to share a post or two, then try using an automated system to share your posts for you. This way you still have the added benefit of keeping your followers entertained, while you are enjoying your time off.

Another weekend and holiday idea is to share other peoples' posts, infographics, or contests. If you follow someone that influences you, they may have plenty of content worth sharing with your own followers. Be sure to give them the proper credit, as they just might be willing to give you a personal shout-out in the future.

Regardless of what you decide to share on weekends and holidays, the main thing is to do now is give it a shot. As an influence marketer, your fans will love the extra content and attention you give them.