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Shopping what it is and how it's done

Date Added: June 05, 2007 01:14:26 AM

Shopping :
Shopping is the process of going to the stores to look at, to evaluate or to purchase goods. These goods may be groceries, clothes, electronic equipments, cars etc. For example, when we go to a supermarket to purchase groceries we are doing “shopping”. Similarly,the process of shopping for a computer when we have to purchase a computer we goinvolves visiting to several stores to evaluate and compare the price for the same product. T this in other words can be called as “shopping”.

Shopping can be classified into three functional types.
as Need based shopping
Lluxury shopping
Window shopping.

Need based shopping is required to purchase essentialbuy goods based on our needs and end up buying the same brands for the best price. For example, buying a toothpaste, shampoo etc., falls under need based shopping.

Luxury shopping is about purchasingto buy goods that are not really necessary but are things that we desire the mostare desirable. For example, to buy an IPODbuying an electronic gadget such as an Ipod or a nice pair of expensive designer sunglasses falls under luxury shopping.

Window shopping is when wethe act of shopping for pleasure, and exploringe things that we are interestinged in and end up buying nothingbut with no intention of purchasing anything. When we do this type of shopping is done online it is called screen shopping.

Types of shopping :
Shopping these days has evolved into two categories.
• Visiting shops to purchase or look items i.e., classical way of shopping.
• Virtual or online shopping.

Classical Way shopping :
We visitThe process of visiting the stores in person, and go throughlooking through the items of interest and picking up the ones that we a person needs is called classical shopping. This type of shopping is still considered the best way as we are able to see and feel the products that we intend to buy.

Tips for classical shopping the classical way
• List the items that items that have to be boughtyou are planning to buy so that you do notthere is no waste time or money.
• Plan to shop when you havethere is plenty of time so that you have enough time can be spent to visit different stores and
• Compare prices before purchase
• Do not visit shops during peak times as it can be frustrating with long lines in front of the trial rooms and congestion.

Virtual or online shopping  :
Virtual or online shopping is an upcoming way to purchase goods. A personWe logs into the internet, visits several websites, orders the goods online and wait for them to be delivered at home. The most popular purchases online include computer accessories, books, apparels and office supplies. The advantage of online shopping is that we can shopit can be done anytime whenever we want . Also, the orders can be placed with retailers in different locationand wherever we want as there are no geographical limitations. On the other hand, the disadvantage of online shopping includes fraudulent sales practices and misuse of personal information.

Tips for shopping online :
• When you want purchasinge online always log into a computer with secure internet connection.
• Purchase from well knownthe retailers you know and trust. If you are planning to buy wWith a new retailer check for reviews and feedback about the product and services.
• Compare prices before you buypurchase.
• Get all the details about the product like the description of the items, total price include shipping charges, delivery charges, warranty information and return policies.
• Keep proof of your transaction.

Happy shopping!