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My Experience With LUCI e-Cigarettes

Date Added: November 24, 2009 04:21:08 PM

     My experience with LUCI e-Cigarettes was a great one. LUCI-e cigarettes are tobacco-less and smokeless cigarettes. They are great for the body and the environment. They do not use harmful chemicals and no harmful smoke and toxins are emitted into the air.

     Many smokers are angered by the fact that they can no longer smoke in public places. These e-cigarettes allow smokers to smoke in public and not get into trouble for it. They are very eco friendly because they do not emit harmful chemicals into the air. Traditional cigarettes emit harmful smoke and have many harmful chemicals such as arsenic in them. E-cigarettes take an all natural approach to cigarette smoking which is better for everyone all around.

     What I love about this product is that I do not have the same bad side effects that traditional cigarettes give consumers. They do not stain your teeth, my breath, hair, and clothes do not smell. I no longer cough due to horrible cigarette smoke. I can now feel free to smoke anywhere and everywhere without being kicked out by people because of second hand smoke.

     Using these cigarettes is very cost effective; they are much cheaper than buying packs of traditional cigarettes. The e-cigarettes are reusable and the replacement cartridges are very inexpensive. Buying a carton of traditional cigarettes is very expensive and for heavier smokers it can be a very costly habit to have.

     The e-cigarettes do not contain too much nicotine so it is very beneficial to people like myself who were addicted to tobacco but wanted the same sensation that cigarettes give. This is because the e-cigarettes contain a smart chip that prevents the consumer from consuming too much nicotine in a certain time period. I can smoke in high, medium, or zero nicotine levels which are a great option for my body and my health.

     I love that the e-cigarettes are so light and have a great sleek design which fits easily into a purse or handbag. If you want an eco friendly and cost effective alternative to traditional cigarettes than you should consider purchasing LUCI e-cigarettes. I love them and I will use them for many years to come. They are great products for people who smoke.