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Make Money Online by Marketing Info Products - Guide and Tip

Date Added: September 21, 2007 05:10:17 PM

    If there is one bit of advice I can ever give you, whether it be about marketing or business success in general, it is a quote from Russell Crowe in Gladiator:
"On my mark, unleash hell."

    Yes, you might have heard one or two other marketers quoting this very same line. And with good reason. That one line epitomizes the very core of what all marketing programs teach you. Here's a break down:
Find your target
Pick a market that is favorable for approach. It doesn't have to be the perfect idea, just one that works on paper, and most importantly, something that you know you can do while maintaining interest.
Prepare your approach
Mark out the main spots what sort of advertising mediums can you use? What is your budget? What is your exact strategy for each medium? No need to go into excruciating details, but you should know, for example, your allocated monthly budget for your PPC campaign, your target keywords and the expected cost-per-click for each keyword. This will at the very least help you monitor your advertising and tune it based on the results.
Intense marketing
There are two different approaches in this regard. Use the first one if you can afford to spend a lot of money on traffic, use the second if most of your advertising budget will be paid for by your business even at the start.
- All-out marketing, pulling out all the stops at once, complete blanketing of your target market.
- Slow build-up, tackling different advertising mediums one by one, building to crescendo effect where at the end, you replicate the effect in the all-out marketing technique.
Taken by itself, the term "unleash hell" is also used to describe another valuable business lesson:
If you have a product, or a business idea, or a service to sell, get it out there! Take your business to the market first, worry about refining and managing later.
Essentially, don't wait months to find the perfect idea. Pick an idea that's good enough, and launch your business. If you are a resume writer and want to sell your services online, throw up a website, put up your basic contact and payment information and begin promotion.
Too often people wait too long until they have the finished product before starting their marketing campaigns. A newcomer shouldn't waste their time like that. The product will be developed along the way through customer interaction anyway. On the other hand, there is no way you'll make any money without traffic.  So go get that traffic, and perfection will come in due time.


 Alan Liew is the aurthor of Money Maker Info blog. The blog contains opportunities, tips and ideas to make money online