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Las Vegas Line Changers

Date Added: November 02, 2011 01:17:41 AM
Subscribe on our website NOW and receive a 7 Day Free Trial of the Las Vegas Line Changers Handicappers! You'll also get a daily update of our results and special discount codes you can use when buying a subscription. And not just small discounts but promotional codes up to -50% !! So Subscribe now and take a head start with the 7 day free trial!

Is this service totaly free?


We offer free picks each and every day but our best picks are our Premium Picks. We have the best sports handicappers in the business on our website. These handicappers go through all the stats, all the papers, all the available insider information,... every day. They work at least 10 hours a day to provide the best possible sport picks. So the answer to the question is no.


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What's the difference between a Premium Package and only the free picks?


There are a lot of advantages for our paying customers! To sum them up:

  • Our Premium Picks do win more than our free picks. The free picks are the plays that just didn't get on the list of top plays for that day. Our handicappers have faith in a good result but the risk of losing is higher
  • Together with our Premium Picks you'll also receive a money management plan. This is an explanation of the amount you have to risk on each play. This way your profits will be maximized and you'll achieve the same success as we, professional handicappers, are having.
  • Another huge benefit is that when you are a premium member you can choose the handicapper you want. Each handicapper is specialized in something and will have great success in what he knows best. This doesn't mean he will have bad results in his other wagers. But his winning streaks are the longest in the sports he's good at. So hop on the winning train and avoid the losing ones!



The Las Vegas Line Changer Expert Handicappers

GM Chaz Diamond


Hi! You all know by this time that I'm the GM of this website. I worked for a lot of different sports handicapping websites already and have many years of experience in the sports gambling industry.
After a couple of years working for others, I decided to try it on my own and I started with my own sprts betting service. My goal is to make Las Vegas Line Changers the number 1 sports betting service on the internet and to provide as much winners as possible!!
Join me if you want to receive the best college football picks, NFL picks, NHL picks and other sports betting picks! I also have a little thing that goes by the name "Line Changer BOMB". These picks win 75% of time and are a real must have if you like to win!! Join me now and start earning money!



Kevin Thomas

Kevin ThomasI advise on all major sports as well as college basketball and football. All of my plays are graded from 10 - 100 units. you wont get any bullshit from me, no big hype, no game of the year (that's my favorite) lol, or any other marketing bullshit. Like I said before, I'm here to win for all of my clients and myself, so I have to put the hours into this because I have too many people that depend on me.


Also known on





Gregory McRevor

Gregory McRevorHi. I'm in the business for many years and I work with my own approach of sports betting. I threw myself in the huge amount of stats and came out with the best sports betting angles on the internet! Nobody knows about these angles or the money management plan I'm using or even the information I find the most imporant. I'm not someone who tells that I win 97% of my wagers because that simply doesn't exist. I'm a straight forward guy and work about 12 hours a day to provide the best possible sports picks. I'm a huge sports fan and thanks to that 'm specialized in about every American Top Sport + Tennis and the european soccer leagues! Join me and win together with me!


Also known as Pro Betting System on

Simon Green


 Hello everybody and welcome to the hottest new sports handicapping site on the net.  My name is Simon Green and I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  First off, let me say that I have always known that in one way or another sports and the adrenaline rush it gives me would always be involved in my life.  Once my playing days ended I got involved in coaching but that too had to eventually come to an end.  I found myself sitting at home watching every game I could find on TV but something was missing.  I needed more and simply sitting and watching was not enough.  The thrill of competing was not there.  This is when I decided to get my career started as a professional handicapper.  Having played and coached earlier in my life I felt like I already had some extra insight into betting lines.  However, I knew that it would take a lot of hard work if I wanted to be successful and make a career out of handicapping.  I began researching and studying.  I gathered information and learned about teams, players, coaches, trends, what line movement is telling me and whether that movement means anything.  If you can think of it I have researched it.  This tireless work ethic is what has allowed me to become such a successful handicapper.  It is also what keeps my clients coming back as they reap the benefits.  My numbers speak for themselves.  Other than hard work, the key to becoming a winner in this business is proper money management.  I cannot stress money management enough.  Never wager above your means.  Sports betting is not a get rich quick scheme.  It takes time and with me you will definitely see a profit.  Just ask my clients.  As I said before, my numbers speak for themselves.  I have many different access plans and if you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at  I look forward to working with you and building that bankroll.  Let's get started today!!! 



Tommy Scagnelli


I will work endlessly to make sure we finish on top in the long run. I take handicapping very serious as my money is on the line as well. I care about all my clients and will only release picks that I am comfortable on. I will not chase loses. 99% of sports bettors fail because they are not disciplined and have no money management. Stay on track with my plays and we will be successful together. I can help you manage any size bankroll. I will come out on top year after year and there is no question about that!