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If we Knew Then what We Know NOW !

Date Added: September 12, 2008 01:36:13 AM
The World is changing, with Global Warming, and Recession always threatening.
But we are an adaptable species, and statistics show that many will turn to working from Home as means to improve.
Already in North America, thousands of people are signing up EVERY DAY for opportunities.
What about the rest of The World? I'm sure the statistics will show a similar picture.
(my most recent applicants are from India, among others.)
The power of the Internet means that Information, is available in every corner of the Earth. Those with a hunger to succeed can choose from the many available systems that show you HOW to set up a home Business.
A line I use on my Web page is..... " Don't be concerned about my location if we are potential business Partners......" the beauty of the Internet is you could be anywhere, and succeed with the right motivation and support.

There are businesses for 95percent of the world and businesses for the other 5 percent. I looked at the 95percent over 6 months of research; cash gifting, surveys and other MLM systems. Easy to set up, at low cost,(under £$300) but the result is that only 5percent of people who start these make 95percent of the money. The average MLM'er makes about £$10 per week.
The other 5percent of Businesses are Direct sales Businesses. they attract the more successful people who are doing OK but want to improve their lives.Smarter people realize that "You need to spend money to make money" The outlay is higher. (£$2,000 +) but the rewards/commissions are higher, and Residual incomes give guaranteed monthly income.

I've set up my own Home Business, and get up each day when I want to. I'm still checking out the Forums and Social Networks, as this is the Fun side of the Business. Its not a JOB, but a life style.I travel a lot more, and share my experiences with others who want to make the change.

Are you tired of working a 9-5 job? Are you tired of working for someone else and having them control your hours, income, schedule, your LIFE? How would you like to have your own business.... Not the kind that you are tied to..where you have to be there at a certain time to open the doors. Not the kind that falls apart if you're not there to run the show. How would you like to be able to pack up your business and take it anywhere in the world you want to live... whenever you want to? Go on vacation without asking permission from your boss first, work from home, be in charge of how much money you make, be in charge of YOUR life for a change!

I made the change. If you are interested in Financial freedom, check out my website:
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James Ryan is a successful Entrepreneur, who lives in the West of Ireland. Travel is his biggest pastime, visiting all corners of the World. Also an accomplished "Cook" he now has time to indulge in creating fantastic food.