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Hip Scarves are the Hottest Fitness Scarves from BellyScarf

Date Added: December 30, 2012 02:23:40 AM
There is a big variety of outfits that are used for belly dance performances, ranging from Raqs Sharki cabaret style bra and belt sets, to baladi dresses, kaftans, tribal style costumes and Hip Scarves Hip Scarves. In a belly dance performance, using the right costume is important as it defines your style and it enhances the movements. IF you want to know more visit Hip scarves.

Traditional and modern belly dance outfits, are usually produced in Northern Africa and the Middle East and in many countries of these areas you will find appropriate belly dancing clothes and accessories. Folkloric and ethnic belly dancing outfits are found mostly in Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey. A decorated bra embellished hip belt and bare midriff are the most basic parts of a cabaret belly dancing outfit. These outfits had originated from the influence of Vaudeville performers who created their costumes from the Victorian Orientalist pictures of -˜Harem Girls'.

The costumes produced by the Orientalists were glamorously clad elucidations of the traditional folkloric outfits. The traditional belly dancing makes use of costumes which are more on the conservative lines and are not as revealing as those used by the Raks Sharki dancers. Kaftans, harem pants, Thobe Al Nasha'r, baladi dresses are usually worn for traditional and folkloric dances. Istanbul Bazaar, Turkey: If you want some beautiful accessories and belly dancing costumes then visit Istanbul Bazaar in Turkey and you will be amazed at the wide collection of gorgeous and elegant belts and bras.

These belts and bras are usually beaded, jeweled, coined and embroidered. Skirts and harem pants worn by the dancers, embellished with gold coins or other antique items are also sold here. There are also many hip scarves available in the market to suit your belly dancing styles and are sequined and palliated, adding to the appeal of a belly dance performance. Markets in Egypt: Egypt is another destination that cannot be missed for your belly dance shopping. In the markets of Cairo you can find anything from gorgeous costumes for cabaret bellydance style, to folkloric outfits.

In Cairo there are also many costume designers, that you can visit for a custom made costume. India and Thailand: These are the best places for tribal belly dance outfits, where you can find amazing silver jewelry, choli tops, gypsy skirts and inexpensive fabric to make your own costume. For more info, visit  Belly Dance.