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General construction ideas

Date Added: May 30, 2007 10:08:59 PM

Construction is the most diversified industry in the country, accounting for approximately ten percent of the gross national product.  Construction is the only industrysingled out for special restriction in the regulations.  Building construction is the process of adding structure to reach undesirable end results, such as structural collapse, cost overruns, and/or litigations reason, those with experience in the field make detailed plans and maintain careful oversight during the project to ensure a positive outcome.

Construction :

Quantity Surveying offers a great diversity of roles and in career path, working on a variety of projects and within different areas and facets of the construction industry.  Large subcontractors may also employ sub-subcontractors, thereby making the QS role similar in the cost management role, including placing sub-contract orders (to sub-subcontractors), valuing and claiming variations, preparing cost reports to senior management, etc; or (4) employed by Local Authorities (local Councils, etc), whereby the role is broadly similar to that of private practice surveyors in cost managing project from the funding client's perspective (in this case the Local Authority council within which they are employed), dealing usually with main contractors; or (5) employed by Developers; whereby the role may be a mixture of the role of a client's surveyor (the funding client being the developer in this case) mixed with that of a main contractor in possibly employing package sub-contractors directly Other information: The most recognised body for surveyors in construction is the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (the 'RICS').  Those who enter construction from technical or vocational schools also may go through apprenticeship training; however, they progress at a somewhat faster pace because they already have had courses such as mathematics, mechanical drawing, and woodworking.  Individuals who enter construction with college degrees usually start as management trainees or construction managers assistants.  The number of wage and salary jobs in the construction industry is expected to grow about 11 percent through the year 2014, compared with the 14 percent projected for all industries combined.  However, it is rare that all segments of the construction industry are down at the same time, allowing workers to switch from building houses to working on office building construction, depending on demand.  A construction company that combines excellent project management with value for money.

Projects :

Projects proposing to answer the question submit a preliminary baseline, which includes cost and schedule estimates, basic technical descriptions, and identification of preliminary safety and environmental issues.  Owners of these projects are usually large, for-profit, industrial corporations.  As in building construction, heavy/highway construction has design, financial, and legal considerations, however these projects are not usually undertaken for-profit, but to service the public interest.  Research projects designed to improve the methods and quality of rammed earth construction were reported in academic journals, and more than 100 articles on rammed earth appeared in trade and popular magazines from 1926 to 1950.  Construction trades are dependent on one another to complete specific parts of a project—especially on large projects—so work delays in one trade completing its work can delay or stop the work of another trade.  Even if the design and engineering are done using traditional CAD tools, construction companies can create their own intelligent models of building projects from scratch and use them for constructability analysis, accurate estimating, scheduling, and so on.  Heavy and civil engineering construction contractors build sewers, roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, and other projects.

Materials :

Materials, energy and transportation are relevant here, as are social issues such as the impact of the construction process and the built environment on the quality of life and the provision of affordable housing.  Construction estimating software aids the user in providing estimates of the costs, materials, and quantities necessary for construction projects.  Houses could be built more quickly and easily with bricks and lumber, which were considered more modern and elegant materials than dirt.  Brickmasons, blockmasons, and stonemasons build and repair walls, floors, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys, and other structures with brick, precast masonry panels, concrete block, stone and other masonry materials.  These materials areliming agents and could dramatically alter the pH of the soil to thedetriment of the trees.  Material-moving occupations use machinery to move construction materials, earth, petroleum products, and other heavy materials or manually handle freight, stock, or other materials; clean vehicles, machinery, and other equipment; feed materials into or remove materials from machines or equipment; and pack or package products and materials.

Engineering :

While projects such as construction of new Power Stations or Naval Bases may comprise a combination of both 'building' and 'civil engineering'.  The arch dam is one of the most elegant of civil engineering structures.  After months of being discussed and debated about mostly within the architectural community, we are slowly starting to see it emerge within the engineering and construction disciplines as well.  Additionally, the water main will be replaced in Shaw Lane from the intersection with Red Cedar to the Engineering Building’s east entrance.  Employment in heavy and civil engineering construction is projected to increase due to growth in new highway, bridge, and street construction, as well as in maintenance and repairs to prevent further deterioration of the Nations existing highways and bridges.  Building engineering is an emerging discipline that attempts to meet this new challenge.  A benefit is this delivery system is integrating planning, engineering, cost control and construction functions.

Contractors :

Contractors generally have several construction projects going at the same time.  Contractual aspects such as delays and extensions of time issues are also within the remit of the Quantity Surveyor (QS); or (3) employed by Subcontractors, in which role they carry out a similar function to Main Contractor's QS's.  Contractors' bids often figure in average allowances for various components--say $10,000 for kitchen cabinetry.  Applications automate the processes of company payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable, with specialized functionality to handle the large amounts of third-party contractors associated with company finances.  Some go into business for themselves as contractors.  Beyond fitting their work to that of the other trades, specialty trade contractors have no responsibility for the structure as a whole.  Construction of buildings contractors, or general contractors, build residential, industrial, commercial, and other buildings.

Construction is embedded in the national economy and therefore does not pose the same uncertainties for sustained employment as do the more mobile high-tech industries.  Construction is underway to run underground water lines for fire safety systems and will continue into 2005.  Although this may be thought of as a single activity, in fact construction is a feat of multitasking.  Remember that when you define an area to avoid, that area is saved with your map, so be sure to remove the area when construction is finished.