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Gaming and gamers today

Date Added: May 31, 2007 11:56:24 AM

Games are an ancient interactive entertainment medium, like folk music and dance.  Games are everywhere and it is believed that they will move into even more places in the future.  The games are a lot of fun for both children and adults and allow us to share learning experiences with our students.  The best video games are brilliantly designed puzzles.  Also, since most of the games are cheap near five euros there is little motivation for players to download pirated games.

Gaming :

The wii is way more than a gaming console: It’s how you want your information delivered when you’re in front of the TV.  Four groups of people were asked to play different games, including one group tackling "massively multiplayer online" games--MMO for short, which are considered the fastest growing segment of the computer gaming industry.  The answer to improving road safety is proper driving tuition and examining, not a knee-jerk call for legislation on gaming.  The first home computers and consoles had to be connected to television sets or monitors, and the idea of making gaming portable seemed ridiculous.  Phone gaming is probably already bigger than home console gaming in terms of the sheer number of players, but it suffers from a splintered market due to a wide range of proprietary hardware and software platforms.

Playing :

Playing video games is still a predominantly male pastime, but almost 40 percent of gamers are women; more adult women play video games than do boys 17 and under.  Indeed, according to a study conducted for AOL, female gamers over 40 spend the most hours per week playing online games -- 9.  For those playing MMOs, the need for relatedness emerged "as an important satisfaction that promotes a sense of presence, game enjoyment, and an intention for future play," the researchers found.  Women now slightly outnumber men playing Web-based games.  I think part of this stems from the fact that watching someone play a game is a different experience than actually holding the controller and playing it yourself.  Leaders in the nascent movement said it makes sense to use video games for weightier purposes because they are not only extremely engaging but also because many people have grown up playing them.

Industry :

Hollywood goes out of its way to provide itself with a seed stock of new talent and ideas, the games industry doesn't.  You only have to observe an ‘average gamer’ at play to see that the computer & videogame industry has more or less mastered the art of using computer technology to not only captivate it’s audience but to also persuade it to spend approximately £10bn a year to use it.  Predictions that the value of the games industry will surpassthe film and music industries combined within a few years -increasing in revenue from $US25.  In November, sales of video games rose to $849 million, an 11 percent increase from the same month last year and up 77 percent from October, according to the industry research firm NPD Funworld.  In fact, violence in games and its potential effect on children remains one of the industry's most controversial issues.

Games are much more fun than lessons and they really help you take in facts and stuff because you're concentrating so hard to win the game.  Games are clearly better today, but they are not as good or as innovative as they could be if pricing were determined by quality instead of being capped at $50 or $60.  The motivational virtues of videogames are what initially entice training and development professionals to look to games-based approaches but there is a lot more to GBL than simply using fun as a means to engage learners.