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GHR1000 Review

Date Added: April 15, 2010 12:39:18 PM

Today, the world of HGH supplements is filled with many crazy claims and exaggerations, and most products I have used have not fulfilled these claims or met my expectations. However, one product, GHR1000, has met and even exceeded my expectations.

GHR1000 works because it is essentially HGH, or human growth hormone. Many scientific studies have been done regarding human growth hormone, and its effects are well documented. It increases muscle mass, increases your sexual prowess, increases energy and bone density, and even reverses the effects of aging. Human growth hormone is essentially a miracle drug, but it is now hard to obtain, thanks to the FDA. Luckily, GHR1000 uses a legal loophole to make it available without a prescription. This formula has all of the positive side effects of traditional human growth hormone, such as increased muscle mass and vitality, and none of the negative ones that could potentially make it dangerous.

All of the wonderful effects of GHR1000 sound great on paper, but what is really important is its success in the real world. I have taken GHR1000 for only eight weeks now, and already have noticed positive effects from it. First, I will tell you a little about myself so you understand where I'm coming from. I am a 55 year old male, and have always been in decent shape, but in the past few years I have gained a few extra pounds, gotten more wrinkly, noticed a decrease in my energy, and have had trouble pleasing my wife. I figured that this is just what happens as you age, and didn't do anything to try to prevent it. However, my friend recommend to me that I try GHR1000, and I have been incredibly pleased with the results. Many of my wrinkles have actually disappeared, and my coworkers have even asked me if I got plastic surgery. My biceps are also bigger than they were before, and I am even beginning to get a six pack for the first time in 20 years. I have also noticed an increase in energy, which helps me get more accomplished at work and at home. It as also helped sexually, as I struggled with many of the problems men my face age before, and I now have no problems pleasing the wife. She says I'm just as good as I was during our honeymoon. I have felt overall better and younger than I have in the past 20 years, and I have had no bad side effects. I was skeptical at first, but now I realize this is truly a miracle substance.