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Ecology and Thierry Mugler Fragrance

Date Added: July 04, 2014 02:50:31 PM

Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to all your old perfume bottles? Chances are, these bottles will end up in a landfill, which is why you should consider perfume refills instead. Thierry Mugler has made it easier than ever to obtain refills of fragrances such as Womanity, Alien Essence Absolue and Alien Perfume by offering numerous refill options for you to take advantage of.

Online Refills are Available

One of the easiest ways to obtain refills of Alien Essence Absolue, Womanity or Alien Perfume is to order directly from the company's websites. Refills come in smaller containers than what are offered in the stores, and will allow you to add perfume a little at a time if you would like. By purchasing these refill containers, you'll never have to worry about running out of a particular scent just before an important event. You also won't have to scurry around town trying to find a store that carries your signature fragrance, or worry about getting to a mobile refill site while it's still operating.

Tracking Down "The Source"

If you are fortunate to live in New York City (or visit there often), you can easily get your bottles of Womanity, Alien Essence Absolue or Alien Perfume refilled in person by visiting "The Source." In business since 1992, The Source is actually a mobile perfume refill station that was inspired by ancient perfume fountains ->,en_US,pd.html. This truck is often situated outside Sephora stores in the Big Apple, and attendants there will gladly assist you with getting perfume refills. Since its inception, The Source has become somewhat of an icon on city streets, and has developed quite a following of customers who eagerly seek it out.

Engage in a Treasure Hunt

Seeking out The Source has become even more popular in recent months, thanks to a promotion by Thierry Mugler. Known as the "treasure hunt", this game was actually a contest designed to encourage people to find unwanted bottles of Alien Essence Absolue, Alien Perfume or Womanity, and then take them to be refilled. The contest is now closed, and the grand prize winner of a year's worth of perfume will be announced very shortly. Since this initial contest was such a huge success, Thierry Mugler fans can only anticipate another one being held in the near future.


Before you buy a brand new bottle of your favorite fragrance, think about the impact doing so might have on the environment. Thanks to the efforts of environmentally conscious companies such as Thierry Mugler, helping the earth while also enjoying your favorite perfume is easier than ever to do, simply by obtaining refills whenever you run out.