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Date Added: January 10, 2011 02:13:22 PM
Since 1993, Denver SEO Company 21st Century Technologies, Inc. has been working with our customers to become their technology partner. We combine web design, web development processes that we have developed since the beginning of the Internet with search engine optimization tactics and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. This powerful and synergistic combination ensures that our clients all achieve their online sales goals.

What Makes Effective Web Design, Web Development?

Effective web design and development is the design and construction of a website that elevates your online brand and status, and meets or greatly assists in your business sales goals. It must do all of these. There are many disciplines involved, and if you don't incorporate each and every one of them into your website then you will most certainly fail - you will spend a lot of money for the privilege of looking at it yourself.

These are the features you must incorporate into your website for success Your website must:

  • Be appropriately aesthetic and proper for your niche or industry.
  • Contain Benefit-Oriented, Persuasive Content to Maximize Conversions.
  • Load Extremely Fast (a big factor in Search Engine Optimization today).
  • Have Error Free, W3C Standards Compliant code or the search engines will have problems grabbing your content.
  • Have Top search engine results rankings for targeted and relevant keywords that you have researched to be the most appropriate.
  • Have an Extremely High Degree of Web Design Usability, Another Major Factor in Maximizing Conversions.
  • Are Continually Tested and Updated to Maximize Conversions.
  • Are Promoted in Top Website Properties - this is external SEO.
  • Incorporate Website Analytics to track website visitor progress.
  • Bring in the leads and sales that you expect.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of placing a website at the top of organic search engine results pages (SERP). Here is a picture of Organic and paid (Pay Per Click - PPC) listings. SEO vs. PPC Listings When a searcher clicks on one of the either top or right-side paid PPC links the owner of the PPC campaign is charged varying amounts for the click.

Organic listings in the SERP are labeled above. When a searcher clicks on one of the links in this section the website owner is charged nothing. Such is the power of getting top search engine rankings, and the value of SEO - free, relevant traffic.

If you successfully run SEO campaigns and are ranked at the top of the SERP then everything is rosy - until the search engine changes their ranking algorithm and your site gets dropped out of sight. Many companies have tanked for this very reason.

If you only run PPC ads (marked as Sponsored Links above) then your margins can suffer, especially if you are not running them optimally. Small mistakes can cost you dearly, and if you find yourself being charged $3.00, $5.00 or $10.00 and up per click then take this as a warning - Google has your number. Some keyword clicks do cost this much, but most of the time click fees like this are an indication of an un-optimized PPC campaign. Your campaign is not optimized and Google is charging you for not knowing how to run the campaign.

A dual effort using both PPC and SEO is recommended by 21st to minimize risks to business owners.

The ideal scenario is that we'll use a PPC campaign to determine what keywords, ad content and landing page content converts the best. A conversion can be a sale, form completion, phone call or email. Once we have this optimally performing content after 2 or 3 months of the PPC campaign then we roll the golden keywords and content back into the website and start the rest of the online SEO marketing campaign focusing on the keywords that have proven to bring in the most sales and conversions. All non-profitable PPC keywords are dropped and those that have performed as profitable are kept. Keeping both PPC and SEO in the mix reduces your business risk!

A Business Case for SEO

Role of Search in Business Lead Generation

There is no denying that search engine marketing has become an important lead generation tool for many companies. And it's no wonder:
  • A 2005 study conducted by Enquiro found that over 93% of all business buyers go online to research a purchase before they make one.
  • Search engines like Google and Yahoo were the clear winners in search preference over online portals

Organic versus Paid Search Results

Search engines deliver prospect traffic two ways: via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) paid advertising, and through organic or natural search (free clicks). In addition to the cost difference, each method delivers a measurably different volume and quality of prospect.
  • A 2005 MarketingSherpa study of business buyers showed that three of every four buyers clicked on organic search results first.
  • Business buyers who clicked on organic search results converted (bought or registered) 17% better than those who clicked on sponsored search ads.
  • In a study performed by WebSurveyor for Google, 72.3 percent of respondents felt that organic results were more relevant, while only 27.7 percent rated paid results as more relevant. Yahoo showed similar results - 60.8 said organic results were most relevant compared to only 39.2 percent for paid.
More convincing information on this subject can be viewed here:

Importance of Organic Search Ranking

Research by MarketingSherpa on business buyers who are researching a purchase suggests that buyers do take time to look for relevant sites among organic search results. Higher rankings, therefore, do improve a company's chance of getting a buyer to click-through.

A 2006 study by at Cornell University by Laura A. Granka, Thorsten Joachims and Geri Cay (1) shows that the number of clicks and time spent on a page decreases dramatically with lower organic rankings. See the chart below for the numbers.
SEO Time Spent on a Website

1. Laura A. Granka, Thorsten Joachims, Geri Gay. 'Eye-tracking analysis of user behavior in WWW search', SIGIR, 2004. Available at Retrieved on 26.10.06

SEO Qualifications - 21st Century Technologies, Inc.

21st has been doing search engine optimization since the beginning of the Internet - in 1996 when we got our website up. At that time we looked into how to get websites ranked organically and nobody knew so we figured it out and have been providing SEO services ever since. Because of our SEO results our President Michael Cordova is also a partner in the marketing firm Mercury Leads, Inc. (

Custom Database Software Development Services

21st has been build custom database software systems since 1993. This powerful addition to simple website design and development separates 21st from our competitors. If your website needs custom database software capabilities then we'll create the secure software and integrate it seamlessly into your website. See several or our transformational custom database software case studies.

Custom software development and database design is another service of ours that means we can traverse the technical hurdles of the Internet to make sure you get the website and business sales tool you need.

Is SEO and Professional Web Design and Development for You?

If you are in need of more sales, or just need an extra income stream then you should consider SEO and web design and development. Just make sure you work with a qualified SEO company. If you exclude even one of the many factors listed above, then your efforts will most certainly lead to failure. That always means a lot of lost time and usually money also.

Work with professionals with many years of experience - 21st Century Technologies, Inc.

SEO Testimonials, Best Practice Guides and Checklists

On our SEO page there are many examples of rankings for our site and some client sites.  We have many compelling SEO testimonials that alone will make you understand the power of our services. You can download our SEO Best Practices White Paper for FREE. We have kept this paper up to date for more than 10 years, and it contains everything you need to know about on-site search engine optimization. You can also get our Web Design Checklist to make sure you include all important information when designing a new website.

Compelling SEO, Web Design Offers

If you subscribe to a qualifying 12 month SEO service then 21st will provide you with:
1. An executive sales coaching service - at no cost to you. It is provided by Gina Kaelin-Westcott. Gina is an executive sales coach that was named the 2010 VIP Professional Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women.
2. A free website based on an existing high-ended design. You'll have great flexibility for design and page layouts based on your specific needs.

About The Author

Michael Cordova founded the Denver SEO Company 21st Century Technologies, Inc. in 1993. To find out everything about 21st SEO services or web design, web development services, visit the 21st Century Technologies, Inc. website or call Michael directly at (303) 744-2178. He usually answers the phone, but if you miss him then leave a message. He usually replies within a few hours.