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Delicious Tea Anyone? Boston Tea Party or Afternoon Tea Party Which One are You Searching For?

Date Added: April 18, 2010 01:52:47 AM
      Searching for delicious tea? Before the political tea parties today fashioned themselves after the Boston Tea Party in 1773, when you typed tea party in your search engine you would find sites featuring tea hats, finger sandwich recipes, delicious tea recipes and theme suggestions. Now a-days when you put in the same search you are inundated with political tea party information. We thought we had come a long way from those pre-Revolutionary days, but apparently not. Now when tea party is mentioned people think of political unrest, which is a far cry from the Afternoon Tea Time.

       This is a time for relaxation, enjoying light chatter while sipping soothing delicious tea. It’s when you take a break from the mayhem of the day to stop and enjoy things around you. I’ll tell you later how to avoid some of the non-relevant web pages in your search. Why the big change?The Boston Tea Party in 1773 was a protest against the British government for unduly taxing the American settlers tea, which was imported through the Boston Harbor. Since this was the drink of choice and the only way to come by tea was importing, the settlers became rather agitated and staged a protest.

      Dressing up as Native Americans the settlers snuck on board the docked ships and proceeded to unload them of their precious cargo, filling the harbor with stout, although unsteeped, tea. Our country is going through some similar issues today. It’s great to see so many individuals taking a stand and actively letting the government hear their concerns. It does make for lively conversation, but what about those of us who just want to find a good cup of tea?So how can you search for delicious tea and tea accessories without wading through the political jargon of today? George Jage, World Tea Expo president, suggests using the command “tea minus party”.

       This will alleviate some, although probably not all, of the political tea party sites. Another way is to be more specific in your search. If you are looking for delicious tea, search for specific types such as black tea, oolong tea, loose leaf tea, herbal infused tea, just to mention a few. For other items such as tea accessories be very specific for instance, tea infuser, mesh tea ball, or universal infuser.

       This is only a few, but you get the idea. Being more specific will also help alleviate non relevant web pages. Happy searching and remember, being more specific in searching for delicious teas and tea accessories will help you quicken your search.