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Building Your Perfume Line

Date Added: June 09, 2014 09:24:51 AM

Creating your own perfume is not nearly as difficult as it may be easy to believe, however marketing and selling it may be tricky. To build a luxury perfumery can be a strong way to turn profits, if you can just break into the market. Fortunately, smelling good appeals to most people, so your fragrances will always carry potential to sell.


Humble Beginnings


Not everyone will begin with access to a website they can use for promotion or their own store that they can use to sell their fragrances. Fortunately, there are other options available for those who start with as little as only having their perfume. One of the most useful avenues for such people is to offer their perfume to a small, locally-based retailer on a commission basis. This constitutes a win-win scenario wherein the store owner risks no money, and your perfume attracts visibility and easy promotion. As the fragrance sells well, there is opportunity for better deals, and an easier opportunity to move into your own store or website, built upon sales and visibility from this deal.


Your Image and Theme


After you've been able to begin setting up business on your own, it is vital that your potential markets and target audiences be explored thoroughly. For example, Alien Perfume, Womanity, and Alien Essence Absolue are all perfumes that are marketed specifically for women and are promoted for being mysterious, sensual, and intense. Some perfumeries market themselves through exotic scents, while others draw focus to using "all green" ingredients. Deciding how to market your perfume line will allow you to market yourself specifically to the market that will make up the majority of your customers and help to bring your perfumery even higher off the ground.


Mass Growth


After establishing your perfumery, it is important to be able to expand your line to reach that "luxury" status in the mass market. You can market your line at trade shows that are relevant to your image, and spread your fragrances to all retailers who fit your image and are willing to sell your perfumes. Spread awareness for your image with a website, advertisements, and anything else that might bring your message to your market. Finally, find a company that can handle the mass production (and ideally delivery) of your fragrances to solidify your position in your market of fragrances. During this stage, it is important to remember your image and stick with it for your target audience.


Building a perfume line and transforming it into a luxury perfumery can be achieved through dedication and the right marketing. All it takes is a strong image to spark mass growth from humble beginnings and create a profitable, popular perfumery.

Summary: Whether it's the sensual, mysterious theme of perfumes like Womanity ( , Alien Essence Absolue, or Alien Perfume (, or a more exotic-themed scent, image is important in creating luxury perfumeries. Focusing on and marketing that image will open the doors for enormous potential in building your perfume line.