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A Guide to how Perfume is Manufactured

Date Added: March 21, 2014 03:33:24 PM
Collecting Plants and Gathering Ingredients

Nearly all fragrances on the market today contain some form of plant-based material, which must be harvested at precisely the right time in order to obtain optimal results. Along with the necessary plants, it is also important to gather any other ingredients that might be needed to create a certain fragrance. This includes chemicals that are especially designed to mimic other scents, along with extracts from certain animals.

Extracting Essential Oils

Essential oils must be extracted from plants before they can be used to make perfume. A very common method of doing this involves placing the plant inside a press, and then squeezing the device together in order to extract the oil. Extraction can also occur by soaking plants in certain solvents. Benzene and petroleum ether are often used to create the solvents used to extract essential oils. Steam distillation is another common method that involves exposing flowers or plant stems to steam, which causes oil to be excreted in the process.

Carefully Blending Ingredients Together

Once plant oils have been extracted, they are ready to be combined into an exact formula. Following this formula to the letter is especially important, since some perfumes can contain as many as 800 ingredients. Having slightly more or less of a particular one could throw the scent off substantially. Once the exact mixture has been carefully blended, it will be mixed with a solution of alcohol and water. This helps ensure the final product is not too strong, and can also be easily spritzed. A chemist who is referred to as a "nose" will check the formula to ensure it is precisely right before it enters the aging process.

Aging: The Final Step

All perfumes are allowed to age for a specified period of time before they are released to the public. The amount of time can depend on the quality of the perfume-more expensive ones tend to be aged longer than inexpensive brands are. In any case, "the nose" will determine when a particular formula has been aged to perfection. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years, depending upon the formula developed by the chemist.

When making perfume, it's important not to skip steps or take shortcuts, as this could greatly affect the finished product. Creating exactly the right scent requires a great deal of attention to detail; however, the effort spent ensures the very best results possible.

Summary: In order to create fragrances such as Alien Perfume Womanity or Alien Essence Absolue, several finely tuned processes need to take place. Although each perfume has its own unique formula, the steps involved in manufacturing fragrances generally do not change from one scent to the next.