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A Guide to Whelping Puppies

Date Added: January 02, 2011 09:05:25 PM

Top Advice on Whelping Puppies

In this article we have provided a complete guide on whelping puppies, what you should expect and what you should do.

The Facts


  • A normal pregnancy for a pregnant female dog will normally last sixty three days (although this can vary by up to a week either side).
  • About one up to three weeks before your dog gives birth you should cut down the amount you feed her. Most experts recommend a diet that is about one quarter up to one third as much as she was fed before she fell pregnant.
  • Before your dog starts to Whelp she may experience a period of morning sickness including periods of vomiting (similar to what humans experience throughout the pregnancy).
  • When your dog is about to give birth (ring the Vet) make her comfortable in a warm crate (not to big) or a Card Board Box. Place a blanket in the bottom and something that has your scent on it to make her feel more relaxed.
  • Expect your dog to pant more than usual at the point of birth - she may also become very restless.
  • Whelping can take anywhere for a couple of hours up to a whole day.
  • Your pregnant dog will now start to have contractions (ring the vet again if he/she has not arrived).
  • Just before the puppies are born a dark sack will appear at the Vulva - the newborn puppy will also be surrounded in a membrane filled sack.
  • As soon as the first puppy is born the mother should lick and trar open the sack to let the puppy out.
  • The Placenta should follow shortly after birth - if it does not appear after one hour this can be very serious and will need medical intervention.