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Why I Decided To Sign Up For The Premier Whitening Free Trial

I can't live without my daily latte, but I have always been embarrassed by the color my coffee habit had turned my teeth. For years, all my pictures have been with a tight lipped Mona Lisa smile. I was terrified to let anyone see the awful yellow I was hiding.

My Experience with Premier Whitening

I have always had a yellow tinge to my teeth. I felt that it was just my lot in life to have a yellow smile. It definitely affected my self confidence. I was afraid to smile. All my photos are with me, mouth tightly closed, forcing a smile.

Why I Decided To Sign Up For The Idol White Free Trial

The primary reason I decided to sign up for the Idol White free trial is just that; It's free! Not only does Idol White give you a free trial to white your teeth, they give you enough time to see if it really works.

Idol White Is Effective For Whitening The Teeth

My teeth were yellow from years of smoking and drinking coffee. I quit smoking, and I decided that I wanted to whiten my teeth. The teeth whitening strips that they sell in groceries never worked for me. The bleach is not powerful enough, and the strips are not big enough.

Idol White vs. Premiere Whitening

Teeth whitening is the latest craze for consumers who not only want dental health, but also want aesthetic beauty. However, choosing an affordable program that fits into the budget of consumers is another concern.

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