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What You Get With a LUCI Starter Kit

The LUCI electronic cigarette starter kit is a new top of the line way for people who smoke and have tried to quit but were not able to. It is a kit made up of an electronic cigarette which has a vapor that can be of different flavors to help you stop the smoking habit.

How I Quite Smoking Using LUCI e-Cigarettes

I was a heavy smoker for 30 years, and I smoked about two packs a day. My gums started to get dark, I started getting cavities a lot more often, so I decided that I wanted to quit smoking. I tried using the patch, but that didn't work.

My Experience With LUCI e-Cigarettes

My experience with LUCI e-Cigarettes was a great one. LUCI-e cigarettes are tobacco-less and smokeless cigarettes. They are great for the body and the environment.

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